Six Moons Review

"What I can say? The more people I talk to, the more I find that they really do benefit from power conditioning. If you haven't explored what can be achieved, I highly recommend that you do. For my money, it's the easiest and most assured way to take your system to the next level.

If increased system focus, a smoother and more refined midrange, greater treble purity, a lowered noise floor and an added dose of micro-dynamic finesse appeal to you, the Z-Sleeves from ZCable are a great place to start. It's not a matter of whether to use 'em - it's discovering where, how many, and of which strength. Clearly, that's for you to find out. For myself, I'm convinced.

I'm keeping some to continue enjoying their beneficial contributions to my system, both for pleasure listening and critical review sessions."

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Stereo Times Review (Follow-up)

"In order to complete the path to audio nirvana, the audiophile must mechanically isolate components, eliminate jitter, and lastly properly eliminate EMI/RFI pollution. The technology implemented by ZCable in treating EMI/RFI grunge is unmatched by any tweaks I’ve tried in the past (all having both positive and negative effects). The overall improvement is equal to a major component upgrade … IMHO this is a NO-BRAINER.

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Stereo Times Review

"I’m tremendously impressed with the Z-Sleeves, not only with their effectiveness in dealing with the pernicious aspects of EMETICs, but more importantly, by their role in allowing a deeper and more affecting involvement into music.

I congratulate Mark Hampton and the other folks at Z-Cable for this tremendous product, and give it the highest of recommendations. The last question I ask myself in the methodology of a review is “Do I HAVE to own the item?” Within ten minutes of my first audition, I already had the answer: Yes!"

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